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Ice Boxes for Eskimos

It is only about three weeks until our winter travels begin. On the 6th of January we will leave frigid Ohio for south-west Texas and the warm, if barren, adventure as Volunteers in the Park at Big Bend National Park. Our duty there does not begin until the last week of January but Ron has been asked by our Ranger Supervisor to officiate at her wedding on January 10th, so we will be in the Park for a few weeks before “work” begins. We’ll post our adventures on our travel blog regularly once we are on the road.
Meanwhile, I heard something interesting yesterday on the radio. An aside in an NPR news broadcast informed listeners that an Inuit Council in the Arctic is requesting a grant to purchase community freezers so that they will have adequate storage for the meat taken in their hunts. I guess that selling iceboxes to Eskimos is no longer so fanciful or so difficult a marketing task.
Freezers in Eskimo villages? Whatever happened to just leaving the carcasses high and dry outside and for the brief summer, eating fresh and dried game? What is it with these fur-suited, far-north natives? Isn’t it enough that they have parked their dog-sleds for snowmobiles? Now they think that they need all the modern conveniences! Whatever will become of their millennial-old traditions.
Evidently those traditions, along with the tundra that supports their homes and hunting is getting soggy. Senator Inhofe and all you other science-denying obscurantists, please take note: selling iceboxes to Eskimos is not a laughing matter!

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