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Amy Goodman: Why Did Obama Fire Dan Choi? – Truthdig

Amy Goodman: Why Did Obama Fire Dan Choi? – Truthdig

In an era when fluency in Arabic is almost essential in the conduct of any kind of effective foreign policy, to say nothing of run-of-the-mill, on-the-ground combat situations, we give a gay soldier a discharge. What a really great idea! We don’t even speak the same English as those in Great Britain or Australia or in nearly any English-speaking country except broad-vowelled, infotainment-news-USA, but we’ll terminate the services of a career Iraq combat veteran who is fluent in Arabic, Lt. Dan Choi. And why would we do that? Because his sexual preference is for other males or a specific male. He is not required to make love in English or in Arabic, just simply to translate on behalf of our national self-interest! In the name of good American Values, such as equality, to say nothing of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’ it is way past time to halt this idiocy! Gays are a threat solely to the homophobic of our society, most of whom are fundamentalist religionists of one god or another. Who really cares what such obscurantists think? Apparently our President does! Else, as Commander in Chief, he would not have permitted this total nonsense. Shame on you, Barack H. Obama; off all people, you should be keenly aware of the costs of such discrimination!

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