An Idea Too Bizarre To Be Believable

A letter to the editor in a recent issue of the Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) says that a candidate for US House of Representatives, Steve Stivers, champions the notion of selling the National Parks to private enterprise and getting the government out of the Park business. Can you imagine Yellowstone owned as a Jellystone Campground franchise? Can you imagine having to cull the herds of bison and elk to save grasslands for more and more campsites? Can you imagine the laying all that cable all over the former Park to allow folks to cuddle up in front of their plasma TVs inside their portable apartments when the sun goes down and the night is lit up with the blue glows of countless RVs. Can you imagine the rims of the Grand Canyon being paved over by Family Motor Coach Association to accommodate thousands of every kind of boomer bus complete and replete with every convenience so that ‘roughing it’ means having to get by with frozen daiquiri mix because there just wasn’t enough room to stow the giant fresh lime juicer on board?

Ahh, yes, all too often Republican candidates for office propose some rather outlandish notions. All too often such Republicans put private interest way ahead of national interest!

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