While I think it appropriate to solemnize tomorrow’s tenth anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings in remembrance of the dead of that horror, it is also important to note that we are still being victimized by that terrorist act. By naming the vigilance against terrorist attacks a ‘war on terror,’ we perpetuate war-mentality, war-spending and war-profiteering.

Ten years later, we are suffering an economic collapse that mirrors the Great Depression the result of spending billions of dollars on two wars. Not only do more men and women in our military come from small-town and ghetto America, those same communities are bearing the burden of an economy brought to its knees by war spending. We did not defeat the Soviet Union in battle, but we did drive them to self-destructive spending in our mutual arms race. Now we are imploding as the result of similar self-destructive spending.
Tomorrow’s anniversary can be a solemn call to come to our senses as a country so that ‘those dead shall not have died in vain.’

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