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Yes, there is a death panel!

When the looney opponents of the Obama administration shouted ‘death panels’ to succeed in frightening the populace against what is essentially a good health care program, I thought those damned liars will go to any length to defeat a progressive administration. When the Nobel Committee presented President Obama with the prize for Peace, I shouted ‘yes, yes, yes!’

But now I have to shake my head in disappointed wonder at what is happening. The Nobel Prize winner has appointed a highly secret small cadre of national security advisers to decide who will be placed on the list of ‘wanted dead or alive.’ This is the list of who can next be assassinated by a drone fly-over. So, yes it is a death panel of another sort, but it is our ‘Hero of Hope’ who has taken the law into his own hands to act as jury, judge and executioner.

We can suppose that even US citizens can be placed on the death list by the death panel, since it has already happened (Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Kahn). The very least that President Obama can do is to make public the criteria used by his secret band of assassins. With that public acknowledgment, at least we might know who among us is to be targeted.

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