New Species Found

Chameleons have always fascinated us, but seldom is a new kind discovered hidden in plain sight. Most of these camouflage  capable reptiles blend into their immediate background. This new kind though, is able to blend into what it anticipates is required to move forward. It apparently has the ability of foreknowledge of the background into which it will move. Weather and climate may be involved in this chameleon’s ability to disguise itself. Although this type of chameleon has been known for some time, its unusual abilities have only recently been identified.

Named chamaeleo willardi, after a political candidate with similar abilities, c. willardi exhibits its clairvoyance only when under a threat to its life. The candidate, W. Mitt Romney, can be seen changing before our very eyes in the final days of the contest in which he is engaged. Fearing for his political life, ‘Mitt’ behaves as though he’ll survive only if he looks more and more like his opponent. He has now begun to look like a ‘centrist.’ When he will return to his rightist extremes is probably just a matter of time.

It is very difficult to know exactly how the reptile or the candidate will look when the cold weather arrives in early January.

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  1. Yup – he’s definitely a reptile. (Except that I just offended reptiles.)

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