Do Away With Job Killing Regulations!

Yes, by all means, let us have done with the cramping Federal Regulations that oppress small business owners and deny the job-creating power of entrepreneurial capitalism!

That is exactly what happened in the 2002 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down the FDA regulations regarding compounding pharmacies. So now, we have individual States regulating their own compounding pharmacies through their State boards.

Did that stop the job-killing? I have no idea. How many compounding pharmacies have employed how many people since 2002, I do not know.

What I do know is that more than a dozen people have died of fungal meningitis and about 200 are ill resulting from a poorly regulated industry in the State of Massachusetts! So would you rather follow the myopic libertarian commitment to ‘less government is better government’ by eliminating more Federal regulations or would you rather be kept safe in the knowledge that what your physician injects into your body is a substance free of pathogens.

Apparently you cannot have it both ways. Either you accept that the Federal government, in the form of FDA regulations, has an essential role to play in safeguarding the manufacture of drugs shipped across State lines, or you risk that the maple syrup you order from Vermont may be much more pure than the pain-killer that your doctor got from Massachusetts.

It is way past time to call out the libertarians and false conservatives on courts and in political parties. It is time to name them for what they are. Their insistence upon the individual’s freedom as the ultimate value in our society puts at risk the very well-being of our citizens. They seem to ignore the two other equal values in that trinity so hallowed, ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ I would rather keep my life to their kind of liberty.


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2 responses to “Do Away With Job Killing Regulations!

  1. Actually the number of dead so far is 15 from this recent outbreak, but I agree with you about the short-sighted libertarian/tea party view gives short shrift to the benefits that government regulations provide.

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