I’d Vote For Romney…

You know that you are in an expansive State when you’ve been behind the wheel for more than a day and the sign says that it is 543 miles to El Paso. But since we are not heading for El Paso, that is information we really do not need to process. We’ll turn left quite a ways before we get to El Paso and head south through Balmoreah, Ft. Davis, Alpine and then to Big Bend National Park.

You also know that you are in an expansive state, i.e., getting a big head, when you read by way of Huffpost that the meningitis outbreak that has killed a couple of dozen people originated in a Massachusettes pharmacy the regulation of which slacked off during Willard Romney’s term as governor. I’m not swell-headed because of the epidemic. It appears that Republican candidates of all sorts are the only ones who can draw deep breaths of satisfaction when government money is not wasted on responding to public emergencies and regulating industries that can police themselves. I am feeling rather proud of myself because I anticipated the Huffposting in an earlier entry right here entitled “Do Away With Job Killing Regulations.”

In my initial entry about job killing regulations, I got the facts wrong about how many people had been killed at that time in the outbreak, which mistake was quickly corrected by alert readers, but I got the facts right about the threat to lives and public safely that a relaxation of regulation brings down upon us.

Twit Romney will probably now deny that he ever was governor of any State just as he has denied being the head of Bain when he was the brains behind it. The ease with which Romney lies and denies is either a character trait or a pathology. Either way, he is not fit to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.

You know, if Mr. Romney would come out and say, “Well, I’ve got to own up on this one. If regulations had been more thorough in the State where I served as governor, this probably would not have happened,” I’d vote for him.

I say that with a bulge of hyperbole distorting my cheek because there is no danger of Mitt Romney having the smidgen of integrity it would take to own up to anything.

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