It is a good morning.

Of course, I am thrilled and relieved to see my vote counted toward the President’s second term.

In the interest of a real two Party system, it is my sincere hope that Republicans at the center of their power recognize that Mitt Romney did not lose, rather his campaign and their Party had been hijacked by the Tea Party, homophobia, misogyny and evangelical fundamentalism. If the Republican Party wants to have an effective future, it must look at such defeats as Mendel in Ohio, West in Florida, Akin in Missouri, Mourdock in Indiana, Thompson in Wisconsin and Brown in Massachusetts as well as looking at the drag that Ryan was on the Romney ticket. Romney’s concession speech gave us a glimpse of a man of sincerity and integrity below the political sheen. The GOP will have a diminishing pool of white male voters to attract in its future and must recognize that the anti-women, racist, anti-gay, religious-right appeal has diminishing returns.

Voters in Colorado have given a new definition to “Rocky Mountain High” and, in concert, the State of Washington has brought that tune to the top of the charts. Could it be that a rational attitude toward drug use is beginning to gain momentum? Let’s hope so; the ‘war on drugs’ has been a disaster.

And I don’t have to buy that damned parrot.


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4 responses to “It is a good morning.

  1. Well spoken words, keep up the good work.

  2. C. Joseph Sprague

    No parrot, but keep on twitting!

  3. Very well said. Hope you send this into some newspaper editors! Now maybe the world won’t end on Dec 21 as the Mayans “predicted.”

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