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Under-performer Gets MVP!

The day is almost upon us. On Tuesday, November 6th, by the time the polls close on the west coast, we will have selected a President of the US, a POTUS. The choice before us is not exactly choosing between two of the same kind, between relative equals, differing only on specific Party characteristics.

Instead, by late evening on Tuesday, we will have as leader of the Free World and as POTUS either a chronic under-performer for another try at the task or we will have a chronic liar. The former acknowledges in nearly every speech he has made lately that “we’re not where we want to be yet.” That is certainly the voice of under-performance. On the other hand, the latter likewise has a recurrence in his public speech. He either spins facts so as to give even corporate executives the notion that he inhabits another universe or he just plain prevaricates. I like that phrase, it sounds somehow more morally upright than ‘just plain lies.’

Well, my vote is decided for the one on God’s side. Woody Allen assured us years ago that God is something of an under-achiever, so I’m for the more godlike of the two, the under-performer. Even an under-achieving God, whose most recent sub-performance was the dictation of cryptically engraved plates to be found by a 19th century prophet by the name of Smith, cannot countenance a liar. Holy underwear Batman!


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