If It is 1955, 38 Senators are Ready for Action

Once again the USA is embarrassed on the international stage. Our Senate refuses to enter a United Nation treaty that protects the disabled. Most other nations, including Great Britain, Germany and Russia see no sovereignty issues with the treaty that mimics the US laws protecting those with disabilities.

But 38 Republican Senators, Republican ideologues, voted ‘No’ making the USA appear in favor of discrimination against the disabled. Our not participating also bars us from taking part in the UN’s decisions to further protect the disabled.

Beginning in the 1950s, the right-wing has used every opportunity and all media to oppose and undercut the effectiveness of the UN. There was no Fox News in the 50s, so the Reader’s Digest served at the propaganda arm of the ‘right ideology.’

Apparently these 38 Senators missed the news that the recent election signaled a real change in American opinion.

They also seem not to realize that ‘I Love Lucy’ is no longer on prime time, that iron lungs are no longer in huge demand to treat polio patients and that the John Birch Society is an embarrassing artifact from the mid-20th century. They seem not to realize that this is the 21st century and that, whether they like it or not, we are one world and that this one-world came about not by conspiracy but by computer.

My counsel to the 38 Senators: Your McCarthyism is just a lazy habit you’ve fallen into. You can get over it with a bit more knowledge and effort, provided you are not home-schooled into believing silly notions about threats to US sovereignty. We’ve entered all kinds of treaties about not warring on civilians but that seems not to interfere with our sovereign right to drone on and on. Your notions about US sovereignty are as flimsy as your philosophies.


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2 responses to “If It is 1955, 38 Senators are Ready for Action

  1. Walter

    Unfortunately, it require neither intelligence nor imagination to vote against everything — and when a closed mind is compounded by memory lapse, the concomitant danger is multiplied exponentially.

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