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Mission Accomplished for the VRA

In an editorial in our Columbus Dispatch,¬†he entitled ‘Mission Accomplished for the VRA,’¬†George Will apparently cannot see the real implications of Justice Robert’s ‘But history did not end in 1965.’ Ever new ways to discriminate against voters continue unabated and the recent SCOTUS decision only opens the floodgate. Or as the Star Tribune cartoon correctly interpreted on the same page in the June 27 Dispatch, voter discrimination has been released from being under lock and key. Watch Texas (and probably other States) rush to impose Voter ID laws now and you will see how narrow is Mr. Will’s focus. Apparently George Will is as mired in his own privilege as is Paula Deen.

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D-Day was 2 days ago.

An acquaintance of more-than-slightly-right political leanings often reminds anyone who will listen that this is ‘the home of the free because of the brave.’ I thought of his thought as D-Day came and went on Thursday.

The Brave who marked that day in our history are dying by the hundreds each day now. Soon they will be gone altogether. Some of them volunteered to serve, Many were drafted. Hardly any, deep down, objected to giving themselves to stop the militarism of Japan and the totalitarianism of the Nazis. It is probably just as well that they do not have to hang around and witness what is happening to the country for which they were willing to risk their lives.

The freedom their bravery bought is becoming a casualty of fear. The words ‘terror’ and ‘terrorism’ are being used by our government in a way that Joseph Goebbles, Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich, would be proud. For years now, the mis-named ‘Patriot Act’ has permitted the secret surveillance of any and all of us who have used this very medium by which blog postings are possible. Every email, chat, web crawl or Tweet any and all of us have been a part of is and has been available for our government to ‘mine’ for data.

Never mind that our Constitution prohibits government entry into our spaces in drag-net kinds of searches fishing for any possibly incriminating information. The fear of ‘terrorism’ has fastened blinders around Lady Liberty’s eyes. Our liberty has been and is being deliberately eroded by the Bush and Obama administrations.

Taps is playing not only for WWII vets, those same sad funereal notes are being played over our rights for any who can hear the mournful tune above the background noise of government agitprop.

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Tempest in a Teapot

Oh, the scandal that some (c)(4) organizations had their veracity questioned by the IRS!

There is a scandal with regard to (c)(4) entities for sure, but it is not the focus of the current furor by the Grand Oligarch Party. The real scandal is that ANY (c)(4) entity is allowed to collect and disburse ANY funds for partisan political purposes! Anyone with a lick of sense knows that ‘Crossroads GPS’ had no more ‘social service’ function than does a sniper’s ghillie suit.

Using tax payers money to promote candidates from the right, center or left is an outrage. Therein is the real scandal. The current Tea Party uproar is very much a tempest in a teapot.


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