Vote, But Carefully!

That the nation has been taken over by a small minority of Tea Party Republicans should be a real warning to anyone who does not vote in every election. It has been a long-time goal of ALEC, the Koch Brothers and their political allies to focus on local elections and primary elections as the strategic arenas for political take-over. If you cannot assure yourself that the local, school board, Township, judicial, County, State and national candidates you see on your ballot do, in fact, mirror your opinions on issues, then DO NOT vote for them. Leave blank any candidates with whose positions you are unfamiliar or doubtful. You are not required to vote every candidate or issue position.

A lazy and/or ill-informed electorate is as much responsible for the current shut-down and pending economic crisis as is either Party. Do not fall for nonsense about candidates or issues ‘standing in line with our founding fathers.’ Our ‘founding fathers’ were, for the most part wealthy planters, merchants, bankers, a printer or two and an occasional silver-smith who did risk their lives, fortunes and honor for their Independence. And well they should have as they had a great deal to lose. The average colonist of the time though, the laborers, indentured servants, tenants, slaves had little to lose. Property was protected and taxed; it was the landed gentry who were pressured by English tariffs and policies.

Today, we laborers, tenants, low-wage earners (once known as middle-class) have little to lose except our subservient status. We can vote, though some of us, threatened by Voter ID laws cannot (read poll tax), so take care for whom and for what you cast your ballot. The present Tea Party pols got into office through an ill-informed electorate. We need not suffer such consequences again.


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3 responses to “Vote, But Carefully!

  1. Rollin

    Well said, brother. Verily, the heart of the matter. Strongly agree w/your founding fathers analysis. A legacy through all generations that makes you wonder how we ever got a middle class. Despite the billions spent on “free speech” the ballot is the simple counter punch that can balance the equation.
    On the other hand, there are those throngs of folk who have discovered that the ACA is “a lot better than Obamacare.” Right now, they’re turning out in hordes in KY. Take that, Mitch, now that you’re “wired” to Rand-y Paul.

  2. Well said, as usual, and a thought-provoking insight into the founding fathers.

  3. Walter R. Dickhaut

    And don’t buy the media’s propensity to ‘blame’ both parties. We get what we vote for.

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