Who won?

Certainly the 95% of us who work for a living or who are retired living on fixed (or meagerly indexed to increase by inflation) incomes are not winners. We have paid a real price. The economy is the poorer because of the Republican Rant. Employment has not advanced because of the Republican Rant. There has been NO really meaningful change to the Affordable Care Act, which was the goal of the Republican Rant. The only result of the Reupublican Rant was the loss of millions and millions of dollars to the economy; that furloughed Federal employees get back pay will NOT make up for what was not spent across the country while the Tea Pary Republicans ranted on. Fits of opposition to laws and issues do NOT constitute the busines and employment to which Congress has been elected. If any of the rabidly anti-American Tea Party are re-elected it will testify only to the ignorance of their electorate.

The Republican Ranters have “lived to fight another day” but they are alive for a brief fit of rancor. They will be defeated when the populace awakens.

President Obama won the political battle, but no one else comes out ahead. That is a victory, although the war continues to determine just what kind of USA in which we want our citizenship to abide. I for one want nothing to do with the Fascism of the Republican Right and their ‘christian. creationist, global-warming denying, anti-human-rights, anti-underclass’ pols.


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4 responses to “Who won?

  1. Ron – I’ve also suggested you send your writings to a national forum. Seriously!

  2. Tom

    Ron –

    Once again, excellent! Here’s a suggestion. Try sending this as a letter to the editor to the two media that I list below. Be sure to attach your address and phone #. Don’t mention my name. I doubt that the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette will print it (since you’re not known locally), but KPC News (the publisher of newspapers in Angola, Auburn and Kendallville, IN) just might print it. It’s worth a try. Below are links to their “letters.”




    • Good idea, Tom, I think I’ll follow your suggestion and send it to Col’s Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer and maybe one of the Indiana papers. I really appreciate your feedback.

      I don’t get as many readers as your letters do, but I do get my stuff posted on FaceBook and Twitter every time I post a blog. I don’t post unless I think I have something to say that is not mindless.

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