Large Fries With That?

Ray Croc’s wife (he founded McDonalds) designated a very significant contribution from her estate some while ago to my favorite news source, National Public Radio. I am grateful for that kind of giving by those who have it to give. And she did have it to give and no little amount of her fortune came from our taxes! Both Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek report that the fast food industry ‘outsources’ about $7 billion of their labor costs each year to U.S. taxpayers. Because they pay such low wages their employees, even full-timers, have to rely on tax-funded public assistance programs to support themselves and their families. That SuperSizes me and makes me damned Frosty! I’m downright Charbroiled to learn that outrage!

And yes, I said their families; two-thirds of the employees of the Fast Food Industry are not teens working after shcool, they are adults! We’ve already read that Wal*Mart schools it employees about how to get public assistance to help them make it. That is quite an ’employee assistance program!’ So it is not only Fast Food that we subsidize, we pay taxes in support of the subsistence wages at all those Wal*Mart Super Centers. That, my friends, makes me want to Roll Back!

Now add to that regular annual corporate rip off of our national treasury the $24 billion our own elected House and Senate have just cost our barely-growing economy during the bit-more-than-two-week shutdown. No it was not all the members of our Congress, a minority of Republicans wasted that much time and money. Even when the Republicans in Congress recognized that the battle was over, eighteen of them voted ‘no’ to register that their ideology trumps their patriotism.

How any free-market, capitalist American can buy Whoppers, BigMacs or any other ‘fast food’ bargain is beyond my comprehension. Any small-Government tea bagger shopping from the Walton’s shelves is the plainest example of hypocrisy that I can imagine. For any Republican to whine about job growth or to even whisper about the Affordable Care Act ruining the economy is ludicrous on its face after their recent wasteful ranting.

It is time for the Republicans and their Tea Party cohort to shove their Confederate Flags and tri-cornered hats where the sun does not shine and to just stand there looking like they are: in shambles and thoroughly shamed.


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