Are Our Kids In Danger?

When my sons were early teens, they played Dungeons and Dragons almost every waking hour excpet when they were in school, doing homework or eating and sleeping. I can’t really be sure about when they were in school because I wasn’t supervising that activity. I didn’t get too concerned when the Christian Right Fundamentalists warned me and other parents that D & D was satanic and pagan and would lead to Devil Worship. Apparently I needn’t have worried as my sons are now in their mid-40s and neither has so much as a pentagram inscribed on his premises and neither would know what a Black Mass was if he stumbled into one in the woods.

By the time my grandkids were reading Harry Potter as quickly as the publisher put another book on the shelf, that same Christian Right Fundamentalist crowd was sounding the alarm about the boy with the mark of the beast on his forehead being also satanic and pagan. Parents were again warned against the terrible consequences of allowing children to get near the books. Well, all six of my grandkids have learned but two things from their Harry Potter obsessions: to be better readers and to be better writers.

Well, that same bunch is at it again. This time the boogeyman is the Disney film ‘Frozen.’ This time though, the Christian Right Fundamentalists just know that exposure to that horrible piece of Queer Propaganda will turn your children gay. Please! Every time the Christian Right Fundamentalists have held forth on the evil consequences of some current cultural fad, they’ve been so wrong they are laughable.

Most of us are laughing yet again, with the possible exception of the choir to whom the CRF’s are preaching. The rest of us, that is to say, most everyone knows that watching a cartoon flick has about as much chance of ‘causing gayness’ as does attending a performance of ‘Annie’ result in people coming out of the theater red-headed who were not when they went in.

If the CRFs want something to preach about that is diabolic, how about they mount thier pulpits and decry income inequity, corporate dominance of our political system or the dog-whistle racism of the current spokespersons for the GOP. Until they do, I’ll be content to LMAO!


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2 responses to “Are Our Kids In Danger?

  1. Thanks, Cindy. I rather think that CRFs would not recognize a wrong path were they given a serious choice at the fork of the road.

  2. The CRF love to scare themselves silly over bogeymen that they feel they can control somehow, or that will hurry the Rapture. But real issues with complexity…I think Satan loves leading them down the wrong path of “righteousness.”

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