President’s Terror Time-Line Is A Bit Off

Such a hue and cry has gone up about the President besmirching Christians by mentioning the Crusades as evidence that Muslims are not the only religion that resorts to violence. You would think that the President had committed a crime, given the rancor that his words have evoked.

Well, he did liken the Crusades to terrorism didn’t he? We all know that the Crusades could not have been terrorism. After all there was such a thing as The Children’s Crusade and all of us know that children cannot be terrorists, don’t we? Maybe we should have asked some of the kids whose lives we’ve blasted away with our drones if they were terrorists.

The problem with the President’s reaching back to the Middle Ages to find an example of a bloody Christian legacy, is that he was being polite not to mention more recent atrocities. A brief 51 years ago, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Swerner were killed and bulldozed beneath an earthen dam near Philadelphia, Mississippi, with the complicity of the Klan, the County Sheriff and the Philadelphia police. Now I have very little doubt, especially since one of the Klan’s emblems is a cross, that a majority of those guilty of that terrorism considered themselves Christian.

The recent report by the Equal Justice Initiative reveals that more than 4,000 blacks, men, women and children, were lynched/murdered in the 100 or so years between Reconstruction and the 1950s, in our southern States. That figure didn’t include the three Civil Rights workers mentioned above, two of whom were white, by the way. The President’s time-line is a bit off.

You don’t think those lynchings/murders were terrorism? To what other purpose were these heinous acts being put? It was to make sure “owa nigras know they place.” You can ‘google’ photos of the crowds that gathered around trees and gallows to witness these acts of terror. Take a look at the men, arms-folded in satisfaction, grinning up at the mutilated corpses; look carefully at their pinafore-clad teen and pre-teen girls grinning in … , what, certainly not horror! If the lynchings took place on a Saturday, I’d wager good money that most of those crowds showed up at a Methodist or Baptist Church in their towns the next morning. I’d also bet they did not come with repentance on their minds.

When they did show up for worship, they probably sang a rousing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers.’


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9 responses to “President’s Terror Time-Line Is A Bit Off

  1. The winners write the history books…. Hence, our often skewed view of the world…

  2. C. Joseph

    YES. Saw “Freedom Summer”, part of the “American Experience” film library, yesterday at the Ohio Historical Society’s Black History Month program. The film, which powerfully employs nothing but 90 minutes of authentic historic footage, is a “must see.” I spoke before it was shown and did a Q/A session with the 99% black high school audience at its completion. Truth is more powerful, in this case tragically so, than fiction. LBJ, among many, comes off even worse in his own voice than in the art of “SELMA.” Ed King’s twisted face seated beside Fanny Lou Hamer at the 1964 Democratic Convention helped me to recall when there were both black and white clergy one could readily respect and yearn to emulate. The Mega Mites do not have a clue. Nor the vast majority of UM bishops. Not to mention today’s pols in both major parties. Any optimism I once had is gone. I find myself attempting to cling to “Hope…the thing with feathers that perches on the soul and sings the tune without the words…” But weariness, cynicism and rage constantly creep-up the back stairway of my soul. And to think, we once glimpsed Camelot, maybe even the Kingdom, for a brief moment in time.


    • Obviously this tapped a deep chasm of disappointment in you CJ. Alas, our glimpse appears to have been a mirage, the mere shimmer of hope, mostly of our own conjuring imaginations. In this age rage and cynicism seem an appropriate moral posture.

  3. Ruth Lillvik


    Ruth Lillvik Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 00:34:59 +0000 To:

  4. Yes, the lynchings were domestic terrorism and similar crimes are still being committed – the bombing of abortion clinics and the murder of their workers, the thrill killing of homosexuals, white supremacist groups which target anyone in their disfavor, gun rights nuts who assassinate law enforcement personnel in Nevada, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, racists cops who profile, discriminate against, beat and shoot young black men with near-impunity. Not much has changed it would seem.

    Mr. Obama, besides the Crusades, Christianity has more blood on its hands as well – the Inquisition, burning “witches,” and the genocide of Native Americans.

  5. Pam

    Yep. Denial. That’s our mojo. The Klan was nothing more than a gang of terrorists. Sadly, when my Gramp died, my mother found a Klan membership card in his wallet.

  6. A very sad commentary on terrorism at home, and how many Christians don’t walk the talk. Before that were the attempted genocides of the native peoples, whom we called Indians. Religion is damn scary.

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