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Women Will Probably Get Screwed

‘Think Progess’ ( ) notes that: NBC News is struggling in the wake of the scandal caused by Brian Williams’s apparent false claims about being in an aircraft that took RPG fire. But while the male anchor is currently suspended, he may get his job back — and two women could end up taking the fall. If the reports prove to be true, they will follow a script where women in leadership get pushed out in times of trouble — known as the “glass cliff.”

Isn’t that the role of women in the West, generally. They are expected to outperform the men they replace and then get blamed when something goes wrong on their watch! Of course we in the West do not compel women to wear veils. We do not have to. There are so many other ways to keep women in their place. Performance is such a minor criteria when it comes to recognition and advancement. What really counts is not performance but POWER, and we all know who has the power.

If Williams gets his job back, bully for him. If he get it at anyone’s else’s expense, well, shame on him.

As a 75 year old white male, I am tired of this nonsense! ( wanted to say ‘this shit,’ but the woman who has been my partner for 52+ years cautions such language.) Is anyone else similarly tired?


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Equality Before the Law

Well, we’ve got our values straight as a Nation, don’t we? Violate national security and you get punished! That’s it, case settled.

Except there are real differences in who get punished and for what. General David Petraeus gives his biographer/mistress written evidence of security codes, the public release of which is a threat to national security, and he gets a misdemeanor conviction with a paltry $40,000 fine. Pfc. Chelsea/Bradley Manning releases documents, the dump of which is certainly embarrassing but hardly as potentially damaging as the General’s information, and your punishment is 35 years of your life.

Of course, the General is so remorseful for his faux pas! And who gives a damn what some trans-gender person thinks or feels following a probably-immature decision.

We are equal before the law. Some of us are just more equal, that’s all.


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