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Mad As Hell!! Really?

Somehow there has got to be a way to move from getting angry to getting even.

A really big problem is that those of us who are getting by are not angry. We have just enough that the problem of joblessness is not our problem, our student loans are behind us and weren’t all that heavy in any event. We are not among the 1-2% but we aren’t all that uncomfortable. Our SS checks get automatically deposited and our pensions and IRA drawdowns are enough. We still spend more at Starbucks in a couple of weeks than some families have for a starch-laden month’s supply of groceries. We feel the left side of our minds engage and the left side of our hearts speed up when people like Elizabeth Warren speak, but there are simply not enough of the likes of us who are willing to sacrifice even a little of our comfort to make changes. We are stirred by videos, assiduously avoid Faux News, tune in Madow and let PBS lull us to sleep, but we are not going to do anything that really costs us. Hence little will change no matter who is elected.

I used to be angry, now I’m just cynical. Go ahead, prove me wrong; I dare you.


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Lawlessness in our society.

Without his permission, I offer you Nick Anderson’s exemplary commentary on lawlessness in our society!


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