I Can See and Read Better

Yesterday my ophthamologist removed my right eye cataracts and WOW, did my vision improve! Nothing short of amazing! I remember when, years ago, I visited the hospital room of a person who had had this procedure and I had to tip-toe into the room and be careful not to touch the bed as the recovering patient lay there with his head sand-bagged against movement. Not now, I was on the gurney for the operation by 7:15 am and home for breakfast. My wife did drive to the surgery center but by today’s post-op visit with the doctor, I could read lines on the chart that did not even show up before and I can safely operate a motor vehicle. Oh, the progress of medical science!

But my recovered eyesight is nothing compared to the politicos with the capacity to know what is in a document even before they have read it. Yes, on both sides of the aisle: Republicans just know that the deal with Iran is an unmitigated disaster while Democrats are as certain that the deal is the most significant foreign policy initiative since the Louisiana Purchase. And both sides know this without having read the agreement!

Is it too much to ask that some very small measure of rationality be introduced here? Congress has a couple of months to examine the agreement and make decisions. Such deliberations seem the least effort necessary unless the best interests of the US and World are to be decided on the basis of Party Political Prejudice. I’ll listen to whomever wants to present cogent arguments regarding specific and general provisions of the agreement but I have no time for legislators for whom only Kryptonite threaten their superhuman powers of insight.


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2 responses to “I Can See and Read Better

  1. Fahy Mullaney

    Sounds like you look MAAARRRVELLLLLOUS!

  2. Congrats on your restored vision. Many people find they don’t need their glasses as much either.

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