Sure Fire Way to Stop Boko Haram from Kidnapping Girls

I suggest that State Legislatures petition the US Department of State to insist that African countries immediately enforce modest dress codes in villages so that Boko Haram stops kidnapping the temptresses they find there. After all, common sense demands that temptations be removed so that decent men trying to follow their religious codes can be protected from more than they can handle

Although I find it most difficult to believe, it has been suggested by the Missouri Legislature that a way to keep their fellows from being distracted and thus prevent the possibility of sexual harassment is to require the young female interns to dress more modestly. Don’t believe me, check this out >>

No, I really do not find this difficult to believe, when I pause merely the time it took me to ‘type’ that paragraph above. It does not surprise me at all that two legislators of the Family Values, Christian persuasion would want to blame the victims for their having had to resign for sexual harassment.  After all, Eve did start it all with that apple and the chorus line of temptresses have paraded in front of us righteous, respectable types ever since, as we do our very best to keep from reaching out to grope or even assault them publicly. I mean, damn those fig leaves, girls, dress modestly, lest we find it nearly impossible, with all our faith in Jesus notwithstanding to the contrary, to act with decorum and civil decency and to keep our erections from interfering with our future elections, to say nothing about focusing on our legislation instead of your legs.


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4 responses to “Sure Fire Way to Stop Boko Haram from Kidnapping Girls

  1. Conservative Christianity is still in the Dark Ages in thought, word and deed. And ISIS is recruiting young men with the permission to rape nonbelievers as a holy calling. So very sick.

  2. I saw the Missouri story earlier today. What a perfect corollary! You should send this masterpiece of poetic justice to those authoritarian hypocrites in the state legislature and let them chew on it for a while!

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