Out of Hibernation

Here in the bright light of a new year, it is bit difficult to see very far ahead. It is not that I’m snow-blinded as we’ve had none of the white stuff here in central Ohio so far this winter, but I’m not sure I can see well enough to know just why I haven’t written for so long or what I hope to do with this blog now that I’m awake again.

The platform of readers who have dropped by here at Sanchismos isn’t a large list but I do appreciate having you stop in on occasion. I’d like to reach more readers but I really haven’t a clue to that strategy. That’s one of the reasons, I’ve enrolled in the Blogging101 course here at WordPress. Another reason is that I apparently need some motivation to continue tagging along, jousting at windmills here.

There hasn’t been any consistent theme to what I’ve written here. I just muse and rant, mostly about pet peeves of mine, political and ‘religious.’ Maybe that is something that needs a new focus; perhaps a theme would be a good idea. But then again, I’d hate to be confined if I’d think outside the container I’ve constructed. What do you think?



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12 responses to “Out of Hibernation

  1. I agree with the group, keep writing. I have always enjoyed your words:-)

  2. Rollin&Ann

    I think you should keep on keeping on. We enjoy your posts and wonder what’s in your head when you’re silent.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Good morning! A couple of cups of good coffee should get you stimulated after such a long slumber. Here’s my recommendations:

    1) A defined theme for your blog would be helpful, but it doesn’t need to be narrowly focused. Mine, for example, is “news and opinion” on politics and current events.

    2) Regularity and volume are very important for viewership. Few posts, or long spells of inactivity, aren’t helpful in keeping readers interested.

    Welcome back, and good luck! 🙂

  4. Ron:
    Keep writing when you feel the muse.
    After reading thousands of essays and articles on social media and keeping up with news stories and good old books, it’s all getting to be a bit too much. In that light attempting to cultivate a following seems ridiculous. But as a vital alternative to mass-media, WordPress has been an essential peer-to-peer discovery and that includes you.
    Barry Holstun Lopez told Bill Moyers that we write for other people and I think that’s what’s most important. If we can add something.
    Your knowing choice generally, of politics and religion, is appreciated. The two are disastrously entwined which is why the First Amendment has served our nation well – until now!
    Your writing matters to us because our political class is cynically distorting our secular society – in a world demonstrating exactly where sectarian strife will lead.

    • Appreciate your encouragement, Steve. Truth is that I’m genetically incapable of being quiet for long, whether or not I have anything significant to say. My own cynicism has almost gotten the best of my ‘knowing choice.’ That our society is being seriously distorted, I have no doubt. My only doubt emerges from my inability to do much about much of anything. I do though love wordsmithing enough to keep trying to say things that make sense, to me, if to no one else.

      • Well, the biologist, Lewis Thomas said humanity’s contribution to evolution is language. For better or worse guess that’s all we can do.

  5. Joyce Hinton

    Your “muse and ranting” encourage our thinking outside our own containers. Besides, we haven’t constructed those containers, our upbringing and interactions have – we are trying to make sure they only give us parameters, not perimeters.

  6. Ted Rowan

    Happy New Year! Our best to you and Jane. Be Well! Keep tilting, no sense to stop now.

  7. If those MIs (Militia Idiots) have any success, I’ll probably have to say something. Meanwhile, I’m thinking of visiting a gun shop to arm myself against such MIs, though we have few here in my neighborhood. You never know, though.

  8. Agree with RKCaton. Also try submitting to The Christian Science Monitor, Huffington Post, Salon, and online publications that have intelligent readers.

  9. Please write! Anything! Just write. It might inspire me to write as well. You might consider the topic of how to occupy a vacant building in order to get the government to give up some land…. Happy New Year!

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