One of the really good bloggers, Toritto, has once again put it all in perspective. Read this and, by all means, play the ‘Horst Wessel Song’ at its conclusion, reading the English translation. If you do not see Trump-in-song, you simply cannot listen or read!

On May 14th last I put up a post which I entitled “The Authoritarian Personality.” In it I explored possible reasons why some voters consistently cast their ballots against their own se…

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  1. Hello, my friend. I hope you are doing well. I read the post you sourced, and recognized that some of it was gleaned from this article by Amanda Taub, published on March 1.

    In detail, it goes into the research that was done on authoritarian personalities, and quotes researchers from that comprehensive, peer-reviewed study that Robert posted on his blog about 2 months ago. The one I quoted from when you inquired about the full study. Taub’s article is lengthy, but well worth the read, if you are interested in more than a condensed version.

    It is disconcerting, but what it shows is that a vast population of American citizens live in fear of the Other. This research compliments the fMRI studies regarding American conservatives, showing that increased gray matter volume was found in their right amygdala, which is associated with fear, anxiety, aggression and disgust.

    While using fMRI scans, Dr. Susan Fiske, of Princeton University, subtly bias the participants in the experiments beforehand to think of people as individuals rather than as members of a group, race or country. When this happened, the right amygdala didn’t become active.

    In his superb article, “Peace Among Primates”, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, professor of neurology and neurological sciences at Stanford University, stated that humans may be hard-wired to get edgy around the Other, but our views on who falls into that category are decidedly malleable.

  2. Many thanks. Glad you liked. Regards from Florida

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