Winnie-The-Pooh and the Election

The eve of the first day it started and has continued. Protest gatherings and marches across the country proclaim ‘Not My President.’ This is not simply sour grapes, it is some of the other half of the electorate giving voice to our deep resentment and revulsion that such a moral/ethical degenerate could become the President of the United States.

Yes, Bill Clinton was a moral/ethical embarrassment, but Bill’s sexual escapades  behind closed doors (and beneath desks) were mere adolescent sexual games compared to the bigotry, sexism, racism and xenophobia of D. J. Trump.

Progress in Feminism LGBT freedoms and race relations have been set back to the early 60s by Trump’s election, which is precisely what his supporters elected him to do. To pass off the motives of his supporters as the anguish of neglected and disillusioned white working-class males is to miss the point. Yes, there are a very large number of such working class deprived, but deprivation is not the reason for the weight of his win. It is depravity not deprivation, as was co-joined in the lyric of ‘West Side Story.’ A vast number of D. J. Trump supporters were in no way deprived. They are among the morally depraved who cannot abide the newer society evolving in which the liberation of women, Latinos, Blacks and anyone who differs from their notions of real traditional Americans.

I began to see this more clearly when an acquaintance complained that she, a college educated, white, female Trump supporter, was sick and tired of hearing the newscasters attribute Trump’s victory to less-educated white males. She seems obviously proud to be in the company of the depraved majority of Trump supporters. Heavens! We wouldn’t want her pigeon-holed with those deprived masses! She is much above that class!

Hillary was ‘right on’ with her description , with some modification. Some Trump supporters weren’t deplorable, no, they were among the great number of working class folk whose needs have been ignored. But those who do not live under that sign in the Thousand-Acre Wood cannot escape having their address labelled ‘Deplorable and Depraved.’

With news reports that ‘White Power’ signs appearing in Junior High Schools and people with brown skins being pulled from cars and being assaulted, pundits are beginning to speak of Trump’s election encouraging such morally retrograde behavior.

For both of President Obama’s terms, we have had to stand by and  watch a recalcitrant Republican Party attempt, most often successfully, thwart the President’s every effort. Now we are being asked by appeasers to recognize that yesterday is gone, to forgive and forget, to smile in a conciliatory mood and carry on as though the wound inflicted to our body politic is but a soon-healed knee-scrape.

The wound inflicted has been no accidental tumble. It has been inflicted by the deliberate actions of a very powerful bully. To let him and his ilk spread such attitudes and behavior without protest and intervention is moral cowardice.



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5 responses to “Winnie-The-Pooh and the Election

  1. I didn’t see your election posts – they didn’t make it to my Facebook page. I agree, it’s not deprivation that led many to vote for this monster. I criticized a former friend for that very thing (she unfriended me because I asked her how her country-club, second-home-on-the-golf-course, semi-retired lifestyle and pension plan had been even remotely jeopardized by Obama-Hillary’s presidency. And how, as a Christian, she could have voted for an anti-Christ.) She couldn’t answer except to say it’s God’s will and to get off her back. Was it God’s will to allow the Third Reich? Half of our friends, family and neighbors saw nothing wrong with this man’s lack of humanity, his corruption in running his businesses, his fraud, vindictiveness, or immaturity. For God’s sake, his staff had to take away his Twitter account right before the election because of his unhinged personality. Now that he’s riding high, flushed with victory and the spoils of war, he can portray magnanimity and respect of Obama and Hillary whom he did his best to eviscerate with lies and meanness. But let him not get his way, or be offended when a world leader doesn’t kowtow, and we’ll see what he’s really made of. That’s the damn scary part. Well, one of the many damned scary parts.

    • Thanks, Cindy! I’ve been still for a while, but can no longer. Yes, I’m a bit restrained but it is meant to appeal more to the intellect than to the emotions. by the way, really love your posts from Ft.Sill and that RCKinglet is priceless!

  2. C. Joseph

    Yes, yes, and yes.


  3. Fahy_Mullaney

    Accurate on all counts. Right now I can’t even talk about it.

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