Drain the Swamp?

Well, maybe The Donald is on the look-out for alligators and other crocodillians, but he seems to have missed a few reptilian threats. Help me with this, will you? Nominating one of the DeVos clan, archetypal anti-public-school champions, to be Education Secretary is a part of a swamp-clearing effort? Apparently one man’s swamp is another’s backyard water-feature. Or to switch homey metaphors, how could a fox more plainly be assigned to the hen house? And then there is Jefferson [Davis, Confederate States President] Beauregard [Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard, Confederate General] Sessions as Attorney General. The “N-word” is a part of that man’s everyday vocabulary; he doesn’t bother confining it to the locker room. Of all the slithering varmints, I’d prefer to keep that kind of venomous creature out of my water-feature and swamp.

So, help me understand this! As one of the majority of voters who thought Hillary, though not the very, very best choice, was one hell of a lot better than The Donald, yes, as one of the defeated … how am I being encouraged to give this man, our President-elect some space? His choices, so far, seem to have much, much less to do with better wages and a better life for a forgotten and neglected middle-America and much,much more to do with forwarding an alt-right, racist, anti-democratic (note small ‘d’) agenda.

Calvin Trillin seems to have struck the proverbial nail correctly again:

The résumé shows Muslim-hating? Good.
Misogyny? That wins some points for men.
And bashing immigrants is quite a plus.
The model here is Jean-Marie Le Pen.  (The Nation, Nov. 17, 2016, ‘Applying for a White House Job’)

OMG, where is Rod Serling when we need him? Who would have thought that The Donald, when he said that he would serve ‘all of us,’ as our President, was really thinking of a recipe book?!


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8 responses to “Drain the Swamp?

  1. RHT

    Ron, you are something else, my man. I’m glad you have a place in my life. (That’s kind if like thanks-giving.) Hope you all have had a good one.
    Keep on keeping on. R

  2. Sanchimos:
    Deep down, I think most of our vanishing red state Main Street shops, working peoples’ non-livelihoods and the exodus of family members pursuing distant jobs took the final toll. As Paul Simon once wrote “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. Soon enough people will encounter the deception. Just perhaps not the self-deception that is so hard to give up. Thank you for the bright clarity of your writing.

    • Steve,
      Reading my stuff isn’t a very joyful way to spend one’s Thanksgiving! I glad though that there are the likes of you to like this stuff. I’ve seldom been accused of clarity but I’ve no trouble hearing such an appraisal!! Thank for stopping by and leaving an encouraging word!
      Ron, the Windmill Tilter

  3. Great post! Every day when I see Trump’s latest cabinet selection, I just want to vomit! Heaven help us all!

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