The View from Mt. Nebo

If you are at all familiar with the story of Moses in the Book of Exodus in the ‘Hebrew Bible,’ The Torah, you’ll know that Moses’ view from Mt. Nebo was a bit disappointing. It was there that YHWH informed him that he’d have to view the Promised Land from afar, that he wasn’t going to make it there.

In the past week, the longing that must have weighed heavily on Moses has been somewhat familiar to me. It is very possible that I too just might die before I can enter the land of my hope. I am 76 ½ years old and even without a second term on Trump’s part, I could die while he is in office. OMG, I was born under FDR and could die under DJT!

Not if I can help it! So I hear of INDIVISIBLE, an idea, becoming a movement, that invites/urges old-timers like me and, in fact concerned citizens of all ages, to resist the authoritarianism, racism, white-nationalism, misogyny, etc of the Trump administration, at my local level. I download the INDIVISIBLE strategy from their website. It really makes sense. It should; it is offered by ex-staffers from the Obama years who saw the devastating effect of the Tea Party offensive against each and every progressive idea and invites Progressives to organize in a similar way wherever we are.

So tonight at 7:00pm a dozen or so folks are going to gather in our living room with this mission: “on behalf of the citizens of the US 4th Congressional District, to plan for and take actions with regard to 4th US District Member of Congress, James Jordan, and our US Senators, Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, to resist any and all anti-Progressive policies and actions of the Trump administration.”

I am determined to do all that is within my capabilities to assure that I do not die during the reign of the current POTUS. That he is POTUS, I neither doubt nor deny, but he is not my President. I pledge allegiance to the flag and its republic, not to its President. I was not born under FDR, did not cross the bridge with Dr. King the weekend that Viola Liuzzo was assassinated by the Klan, oppose the Vietnam War, only to live long enough to have to endure more than one term of Trumpism.

Of course, I am fully aware that I have nothing to say about when/where I shall die, even though my current health does not cause me alarm. But I pledge whatever healthy life is mine and my meager resources to resist Trump.

I was once a Protestant pastor, but that Church left me long ago, to be overwhelmed by christo-fascists. I will oppose them and resist them at every opportunity.

I may not get to the Promised Land and my view may remain from here on Mt. Nebo, but all my effort will go to seeing that you do not have to gaze from here long.


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10 responses to “The View from Mt. Nebo

  1. Fahy_Mullaney

    Desert Abba…good words…read it with care…bravo in taking on the King without clothes. I am putting together my strategy as well. So far it means increased contributions to ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center and systematic letter writing to targeted lawmakers with committee assignments related to the environment package: energy, climate change, clean air, etc.

    • Really appreciate your comments, Skip! I do not always know just how my attempts at sane discourse, albeit with fervor and flavor, impact friends or others. Thanks for responding so positively.

  2. Bev Shaw

    Yesterday’s meeting of INDIVISIBLE for District 12 filled the room at Unitarian Universalist Church on Weisheimer, so well organized and full of specific things we can do each day to combat the Trump agenda.
    Great that you’re organizing, too. I knew you would!☺

  3. Riley Caton

    Thank you Ron! That was inspiring! Yes, we must resist. K and I are busy volunteering at a Nat. Park but we will find time to write and give so that the resistance can go on.

  4. Wow. What a great example of staying on the horse with the sword of peace in hand. Trump is not MY president, either. I have taken the oath to “protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic” once or twice a year since 2009, and I take that oath seriously. Thanks for reminding us we’re never too old to stop the fight for justice!

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