On Being Granted an Extension

During my professional education (post baccalaureate) there was a class for which I could not finish a final project. I requested an extension so that I could prolong my grading period to finish the work.

I’ve been pondering a similar strategy at this stage of my life. Having lived a bit more than three-quarters of a century, the final exam cannot be all that far into the future, can it? If only there were some possibility of a period of extension that I could count on before the finals!

My justification for such a request seems to me to make sense. Having lived to be seventy-six, soon to be seventy-seven, I was born during the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That I began under FDR and have to end under DJT seems a great deal more inconvenience, even suffering, than a person my age should have to bear.

If an extension is not a possibility, I would be equally happy with an impeachment.

By the way, I did not finish that project for which I had taken an ‘Incomplete” all those years ago and as a result, failed the course. On taking the class the following semester, I ‘aced it’, but my GPA suffered.

Since there is not really a possibility for a new semester that is likely to be offered just because I want it, I really would prefer an impeachment.


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11 responses to “On Being Granted an Extension

  1. Here’s hoping both of your requests come true. 🙂

  2. Walter

    I wish to neither ‘extend’ nor ‘complete’ the Trump ‘project’ so, with Maxine Waters, I’m waiting, impatiently, as he ‘walks the walk’ AND ‘talks the talk’ that leads to ‘impeachment.’ But, alas, I doubt the Repubs have the spine for what that would require.

    • Somehow, deep within me, just where or how I do not know, I have the strongest hunch that you are correct. ‘Spine’ is not a word that frequently occurs in the same sentence, even paragraph, with the word “Republican.” Trump’s being a former-President is something that cannot come too soon for those of us who should be careful buying bananas too green.

  3. Oh shush. You’ll live to 95, and Elizabeth Warren’s presidency will have changed all that.

    • If only I had your confidence, Cindy! and that of Emily as well:

      “Hope” is the thing with feathers –
      That perches in the soul –
      And sings the tune without the words –
      And never stops – at all –

      But alas, the decades have worn hope threadbare for me.

  4. Riley

    Can I have one too? Either. The extension or the impeachment…

    • To the best of my vast knowledge and experience, the extension isn’t soon to be available, if ever. So, if I could deliver the impeachment, I’d offer it without hesitation! I’m so glad you follow this Septuagenarian’s ramblings! Thanks!

  5. C. Joseph

    Simply superb!


    • Well, OK, C. Joseph, I’m not certain which to emphasize the simple or the superb, but, in the end, I’m really pleased you even read this stuff! Without more than half a century of friendship and support of the likes of you, I wouldn’t be able to say much of anything. Much obliged, as we say here in the hinterland.

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