The Great and Glorious Day

H.L. Mencken wrote “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” Ahh, Mencken was prescient!

Many almost-such-auspicious days have come and gone, I do not doubt, but at last, and alas, it appears that Mencken’s ‘great and glorious day’ has arrived in its fullest bloom. President 45 was elected by less than a majority of the popular vote, but that still leaves just under half of the country with their heart’s desire in office. Granted that is not all the ‘plain folks of the land’ but enough to cause a disaster. Granted also that Donald J. Trump has demonstrated acumen and some intellect in his life, he is nonetheless a moron in his current status as a political operative and President.

Nixon was much more politically savvy. He knew how to lie and manipulate public opinion to his benefit. Except that Nixon’s subordinates employed some amateur scofflaws to spy on Nixon’s political opponents, Nixon was able to surround himself with a staff fairly competent at focusing on his objectives.

# 45 is not so able. Yes, he lies and attempts to manipulate news, and even promulgates fake-news, but he cannot seem to do it successfully. 45’s staff are apparently among the least capable in recent memory to manage a transition into office effectively and in their elect’s best interest.

Were this moron’s only effect to embarrass himself, who would care? But this incompetent sits at the desk of real world power!

The future of a safe world and American democracy depends upon this ‘great and glorious day’ being an exceptionally short one. We can only hope that Democrats in office relentlessly push investigations, so that the sun sets soon.


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6 responses to “The Great and Glorious Day

  1. Jane K Payne

    Perfectly said.

  2. Riley

    “The future of a safe world and American democracy depends upon….” Sorry, it’s over. We are a plutocracy not a democracy and the plutocrats are the most egocentric people in the world, making this a very unsafe world….

  3. >>> “We can only hope that Democrats in office relentlessly push investigations…”

    Good luck. The once-mighty Democratic Party is no more. They’ve lost power virtually everywhere and at every level. But most of all, they’ve lost the hearts and souls of that which gave them vitality – the working class. When I’m searching for hope, that’s the last place I would look.

    • Have no doubt the Party is in very poor straits, but there are MoCs who can stand forth. I didn’t say my hope was in the Party, Robert, but in Democrats; some of us are still alive and kicking.

  4. My ‘read’ is that Trump belongs to the Repubs (they got what they asked for) and since they remain in the majority (in both the WH and the Congress), Trump constitutes a burden that belongs to them, first and foremost. The Dems cannot drain this swamp; it’ll have to be done by the Repubs, and if they don’t want to own the burden, then we will all go down the drain together.

  5. It’s truly a “great and glorious day” if one is following the biblical “angel of light.” As many evangelicals are, and with great glee at the second coming of Christ (following, of course, the Armageddon they seem to relish.)

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