Fly High the Flag

A crowd, maybe even millions crammed into the hanger in Florida, so many that they spilled across vast spaces. A feisty, pout-faced little man shouted about freedom and jobs and about disasters in Sweden. Never mind that no one in that country had a clue about his reference, we all know that a mere mention of Scandinavian Socialism  sparks vitriol in nearly everyone’s heart.

There was no ‘Hakenkreuz,’ no Swastika, but you could almost hear the drum-beat of the ‘Horst Wessel Song,’ the anthem of National Socialism until 1945. The words of the song were subtly alluded to:

Die Fahne hoch!
   [Fly high the Flag!]
Die Straße frei den braunen Batallionen.
   [Free the streets for the Brown Battalions.]
 Die Straße frei dem Sturmabteilungsmann!
   [Free the streets for the StormTroopers!]
 Es schau'n aufs Hakenkreuz voll Hoffnung schon Millionen.
   [Almost millions look with hope to the Swastika.]
Der Tag für Freiheit und für Brot bricht an!
   [The Day of Freedom and Bread (jobs) is coming!]

Our sad little man, like one years ago before him, would be a buffoon were he not in a position to wield such power. One can only suppose that like the moustache-faced, sad little man before him, our sad little man will precipitate his own downfall.


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3 responses to “Fly High the Flag

  1. According to Stephen Greenblatt, William Shakespeare wrote Richard III to grapple with the idea that people could wind up with horrible leaders. The summation he offered is that it is by the consent of the governed.
    This gives me a sense that this time too will pass.
    Differences abound in our time. People didn’t vote and women weren’t actors in the 16th century. But we also, as a people, let this transpire. But in the first time practicing my First Amendment right to peacefully assemble in this administration, I witnessed something very different. Instead of the usual older suspects I was surrounded by younger adults learning to let their voices be heard. That’s as patriotic as it gets.

    He understood how a great country could wind up being governed by a sociopath.

  2. Let’s hope that this sad little man’s downfall comes long before he destroys us.

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