Trump Tower


Donald J. Trump’s towering Presidency is an attempt to make a mountain of a molehill.

The only thing that towers in this administration is deception, distraction and deceit!

And like the subterranean creature that burrows through your yard, he keeps on pushing his impression to the surface in an endless pattern of destroying the roots of our social fabric. Moles are surprising little mammals with pointed muzzles, tiny eyes, and bodies shaped like Idaho potatoes. Hmmm, not an altogether inaccurate description of the little pest that so bothers us. They do not usually have golden comb-overs, but such a genetic freak need not be totally  dismissed. Those who have tried to eradicate moles know well that they are very elusive burrowers, so it will take real effort and diligence to put an end to this invasion.

He promised to protect our borders, yet he doesn’t even have a staffed State Department. So much for borders and our international position and reputation. Back to the burrow.

He promised to make our military #1 but the only people in the world who even imagined that we were not already #1 were those who somehow did not know that health insurance is quite complicated. Back to my first assertion; without a really functional State Department, our military is a stateless force to be hired out to the highest bidder. That won’t happen, of course, because our military leaders are loyal to the US Constitution, a document with which it is apparent, our Mr. Mole is barely acquainted. Back to the burrow.

Mr. Trump publicly accused a former POTUS of violating Federal Law by ‘wire-tappig’ his offices. The only problem with that accusation is that the US Congressional investigating power has found this to be a totally false accusation. It is well founded that there is no truth to his twittering accusation. Burrow some more!

I would suggest that our 45th President is an ignoramus or a fool, but some insist, a member of my family for instance, that he is a very smart man. If I grant that Mr. Trump is quite intelligent, then I have but one conclusion to draw. He knows very well that he is appealing to the least educated, least informed and most burdened of our population. I can only imagine that he is doing so for the sole purpose of gaining personal advantage.

The only two people who seem to believe Mr. Trumps tweets and supposed triumph are his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, whose only obvious ability is that he can speak before a camera, and Trump’s personal counselor, the loquacious and apparently lobotomized Kellyanne Conway. Can she actually have had offspring? Can a person of such blatant ability to prevaricate endlessly be a mother? Poor kids!

Our yard is a mess and there are remedies for such pests!


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5 responses to “Trump Tower

  1. He and his regime are just plain evil. Truly, deeply evil.

  2. I would demur on the premise that Mr. Trump is intelligent. He may be clever, crafty, sly, conspiratorial, manipulative (and more) but he seems to me lacking sufficient intelligence to seek his own self-interest.

  3. Hmmm…. Sounds like the “moles” have you really pissed off… :>) Nice post!

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