25th Amendment !

Impeachment is not a possibility for the Republican leadership. Their only option to rid us all of this President Trump is to invoke the 25th Amendment, and declare the sitting President of the United States medically incapable of fulfilling his sworn Constitutional responsibilities. If you do not understand why this President must be removed from office, you simply have not been paying any attention to the news articles of the past few days regarding FBI director Comey, the President’s ‘tweets’ and the implications therefrom.

The Republicans cannot follow through with impeachment without indicting themselves and the history of their Party (two Republican Presidents impeached in our generation?). Their only alternative to themselves taking refuge, as did Press Secretary Spicer, in the Rose Garden woody ornamental plantings is to move carefully, but with deliberation, to remove the President on the grounds of his medical incompetency. No one but someone totally ignorant of the criteria for megalomania and narcissistic personality disorder can for a moment doubt that our President is seriously mentally ill.

It is time for the Vice President, the Cabinet and the House of Representatives to shoulder their Constitutional responsibility to begin action to remove this Donald J. Trump from office following the path outlined in the 25th Amendment.

The very future of the Republican Party and the United States of America as a democratic republic depends upon this immediate action. All the Democrats have to do is to pressure Constitutional remedies, and to , as Tom Brokaw recently insisted on a news program, pile brick upon brick, until the same wall of evidence that brought the impeachment of Nixon will have built itself into an irresistible barrier.

Trump has laid out all the bricks for building this wall at no expense. We need only to stack them patiently and #45 will be history!


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4 responses to “25th Amendment !

  1. There are no good outcomes here. There is apparently something mentally wrong with the people who elected Agent Orange, and with the politicians who refuse to oust him. Even if he were removed, there are others even more devious ready and willing to implement Christian Sharia law and the Corporate Bible (citing its many Profits) to the detriment of the American people and, indeed, the whole world. At least having the Buffoon in Chief removed (better: imprisoned) would be cathartic.

  2. I think your analysis about impeachment is right on the money and one that I certainly hadn’t thought of. However, I just don’t believe there is enough political will or courage in Washington to follow the 25th amendment. 43 months to go….

  3. Hey, Ron, I was unable to post my comment on your blog so I thought the next best thing was to just send it in a reply.

    As between the 25th amendment and impeachment proceedings, the remedy you propose would be, by far, the quickest, most straight-forward, most economical (vis-a-vis time, money, and human resources) of the two. As between the two remedies, my hunch is that the 25th amendment will require the most courage from Republican leadership which, by itself, is not inspiring . . . UNLESS, of course, Republican leaders come to realize that the failure of their courage now will render the Republican party impotent for generations unborn.

    Thanx for the stimulus. It helped clarify. wrd

  4. Spot on. Commenters on my blog post this morning all agreed, but worried that a President Pence would be more effective in advancing the conservative agenda.

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