A Newer Deal

It has been some time since I posted here on the Sanchismos blog. Couldn’t think of anything cogent to say, I guess. Whatever…

But now, if anyone is listening, especially anyone in the Democrat establishment, your ‘Better Deal’ sucks!!! Never have you had a better chance to guide the USA into the 21st century!

How about ‘A Newer Deal’ that doesn’t plan to give $$$$ to corporations to better train workers because that gambit has not worked at all for ever so long! How about ‘A Newer Deal’ that would actually do something for us folks who have been neglected for that last three decades?

Instead, how about ‘A Newer Deal’ that does what the New Deal did decades ago?! How about a Federal program to address the infrastructure disaster the USA has become? Have you driven across the US Interstate System lately? Have you tried to take rapid transit from anywhere to anywhere? Have you ridden an Amtrak train to anywhere?

My god, this isn’t rocket science! Our bridges, asphalt highways, municipal transit systems, water systems, electrical grid are FALLING APART. Use Federal Funds to employ an army to fix the damned infrastructure!! Deploy a part of this army to become the anti-hacker Delta Force, using thousands who do not want to work in the ‘trades’ to bolster our national purpose, progress and defense.

Yes, Federal Funds, i.e., more taxes, because the only way we are going to get out of this mess is to pay for it! But the employment, the boost to the economy at every level would be astonishing!

Is anyone listening???


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14 responses to “A Newer Deal

  1. Great post, Ron. A “newer deal” makes so much sense – the WPA and CCC were such a wise investment in people, infrastructure, and transformative action that rewove connections as it built communities, supported arts and the preservation of oral histories, and addressed environmental issues.

  2. Rollin

    I am, Bud.
    I couldn’t agree more. I had a couple of interesting conversations w/my state senator, the opening of which was my assertion, “You can raise my taxes.” It took a while for it to sink in.
    It is not a complex matter – as well you state. It is questionable whether the govt will get back into the business of governing, or whether it will continue its reruns of The Apprentice.
    Of course, you know I have enjoyed watching Sen. McTurtle receding back into his shell.
    Some small hope.
    Enjoy your Maine venture.
    See you in Sept.

  3. . . . and the irony? ? ? — a newer deal might just save the Republican party from self-destruction in the process.

  4. C. Joseph



  5. We do need another FDR, JFK, MLK, RFK. (Isn’t there a woman with a triple initial?) Joe Kennedy Jr. seems to be one of those. Elizabeth Warren another. And of course Bernie! Why do we keep passing these people over to vote for corporate shills? Even worse is the GOP, who elected DJT, a sub-human who amazingly still has at least a third of Americans approving of him. Where are we and why are we in this handbasket?

    • I think, Cindy, that we’ve descended into this level of hell because more than a third of folks in the fly-over vastness of our country have not so much found in Trump an answer to government but hear in him the echo of their own anger and frustration. We’ll rise above this troglodytic condition only when, like the Canadians, we learn that you get the governing you pay for. Their system works rather better than ours in most all respects because they recognize that while no one really likes taxes, they are altogether necessary in complex societies. Republicans, by and large, do not recognize that simple truth.

  6. Pam Miller Rose

    Well said, Ron!

  7. Riley Caton

    What? Do something? Actually try to make the Democratic party likable? Shame on you for thinking such a thing. We all prefer the back stabbing and collusion to getting something done…. NOT. Love you Ron and will have a wee dram in your honor tonight!!!!

  8. Joyce

    They dont seem to be.

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