From Revelation To Revolution

I’m still trying to find my voice, so again it has been a while since I filled this space with my thoughts. This morning I scribbled a couple of paragraphs into my Bullet Journal and with Jane’s (my wife’s) insistence, I’ll let you read over my shoulder as I ponder my Quixotic calling…

Our Republican Congress has passed a tax bill that steals from average people now and into the future and transfers the wealth to the richest among us. Sen. Grassley of Iowa says this theft permits real investment whereas folks like you and me would just be “spending every darn penny they have on booze or women or movies.” Here in Ohio’s 4th Congressional District, we have Representative Jim Jordan and Senator Rob Portman who apparently also think any increase in income we’d get we’d just “waste it on hookers and blow,” to quote former Hillary spokesman Jesse Ferguson.

There may be some change in this Tax Scam before it becomes law as it passes through the ‘conference process.’ If the process does improve the bill, it will be a miracle.

But miracles are the stuff of Biblical hocus-pocus. John of Patmos expected a miracle of apocalyptic proportion to bring down the Roman Empire in first century Palestine and his vision can be read in the New Testament Book of Revelation. Yes, that’s Revelation, not revelations. He did not intend to issue a time-line of futuristic events. He meant to give expression to his ardent hope that the Evil Empire would come to a fiery end by Divine Intervention.

We need no longer put stock in the superstition and magic of super-naturalism to wish and work for the destruction of an Ugly Empire that is ours. In fact, we must eschew all reliance on deliverance from Beyond. Whether by taking to the streets or to the ballot box, we must remove from power the Grassley/Jordan/Portman fascism and restore to our fair land a responsive, responsible republic.

Methinks that ‘booze, women and movies’ are more the pastimes of elected officials inside the DC Beltway than the entertainments of the working-class neighbors I live with. The vice-ridden hordes of Sen. Grassley’s nightmares probably belong the same tribe as the ‘Welfare Queens’ of the Reagan Era, that is to say, they are figments of fearful conservative imagination.


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11 responses to “From Revelation To Revolution

  1. Joyce Hinton

    As usual. All our thoughts.
    I read and say “yes!” “that’s right!” “absolutely!” “well said!” So glad that you take the time and energy to say what we are all thinking but are not sure what else to do about that.

  2. Ron:
    Wisdom has escaped us benighted primates since… forever. It would seem that we repeatedly forget that democratic freedom is never a finished human yearning. Sadly the patriotism that resists inherited aristocracy is easily assumed – even by me! It was and remains the only rational argument for America’s place in the world. It is predicated on equality of opportunity, fairness and justice. To abandon an aspiring Nation for power, wealth, greed and blaming the lesser endowed among us is beneath the dignity of our history of great sacrifice of revolution, Civil War, human rights and the defeat of fascism. I worry we just may lose all of it.

  3. C. Joseph


    This right-on piece meshes with Walter’s response to my unsent Christmas missive. Agreeing with both of you, while yearning to find my voice again, along with a few who will respond, I ask myself and you I hold dear, “What is the shape of the needed revolution and how do we participate?” What, when, and where?


    PS–This afterthought: Might a few of us, say 6-8, write, circulate, call a press conference [?] naming the demons in state and church, while calling for a few concrete actions?


  4. Constance Scheid

    very well put, Ron.

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