President’s Identity Stolen

Perhaps it is even worse that that. It appears that his personality has been replaced, even down to his voice and manner of speaking.

I am not much of an analyst of contemporary cyber weaponry, but is it possible that an adversary has developed a voice-changing technology into which one can speak to replicate perfectly the voice and identity of another person? I know you can replace phrases of recorded speech, but in real time, in response to live questions?

Possible evidence for this new weapon was seen on Fox and Friends on April 26th. The “Friends” were gobsmacked to hear a voice, that all identified as POTUS45, phone in to say that the very lawyer, one of a multitude of such, whom he wants identified for client privacy, handles next to nothing of his affairs, except for ‘the Stormy Daniels thing.’

OK, I may not be the most insightful of observers, but it does not take a profound awareness to recognize that the voice could not possibly that of Donald J. Trump. Why would he make a public claim that Michael Cohen does almost nothing for him when he wants to shield Cohen’s records from legal view? Why would he contradict himself about knowing nothing about Stormy Daniels to state that his little-used lawyer is handling that ‘thing?’

Even the “Friends” apparently had doubts about the identity of the caller. They actually tried to cut off the President by telling him they did not have much time.

No, we did not hear the real Donald J. Trump. It just must be a new personality-altering digital weapon or the man is delusional. You choose!


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4 responses to “President’s Identity Stolen

  1. It’s certainly possible, Ron! I had the same thing happen to me, only I didn’t hire someone to pretend to be me. It happened when a shock radio host claimed he was interviewing me about an issue that was in the news, the use of Native American logos and names for public school sports teams. I was the visible advocate at one time, and would sometimes find reporters waiting on my doorstep. I only learned about the show when a friend later asked me why I would agree to talk to such an idiot and respond so incoherently. 🙂

  2. If you combine low intelligence with megalomania, you get an incoherent yet effusive personality type. There is little consistency in what Trump says and does, and that can appear irrational or even unidentifiable to rational observers.

    In other words, HE’S FRIGGING NUTS!!!

  3. Rollin

    It was. He is. Easy choice(s), huh❓

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