Credit Where Credit Is Due

“That’s the real news here, a profound example of risking peace instead of war, and it should be celebrated in a nonpartisan spirit as a victory for sanity in world politics, whatever one’s prejudice against President Trump.” So says Robert Sheer, editor in chief of Truthdig. It is very difficult for me to get beyond my prejudice against President Trump (my keyboard even trembles when I try to write those words), but Sheer is insightful. I didn’t like Nixon either, but he did open China to the West in our time.

If I thought that Trump’s purpose was to risk peace, I’d agree wholeheartedly with Sheer. There is little evidence though, from observing past behavior of Trump to think that his motive is the achievement of anything but his own aggrandizement. There is nothing to indicate that Trump has any goal or purpose except to bolster his own wealth and his sense of self-importance.

If the recent photo op in Singapore is the beginning of a significant change in the 70 year old oppressive regime of the Kim family in North Korea, a measure of sanity may well characterize the summit. There have been other beginnings with the Kim regime, only to result in their being seen for their lack of trust and fidelity. If this time it is different, perhaps the latest Kim is a sign of change for the better.

So far though the people of North Korea and the world are being given the picture, through Kim regime news sources, that the latest Kim is a peer in the arena of super powers and diplomacy. His family has coveted that status for the seven decades of its existence. Let us all hope that there is more than personal aggrandizement on the North Korean side of the Singapore weekend.


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4 responses to “Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. Thanks, Pam; good to ‘hear’ your voice!

  2. DT’s motives (I, too, cannot write that name in full) are just as you have said. He sees hotels and branded golf courses in his future there. Maybe some trademarks for his baby girl. But as soon as Kim gives him a sideways glance, his praise will turn to condemnation, as is his habit, and we’ll be worse off than before. However, if any real good for the world comes of it, it will be welcomed. DT’s “deals” are land mines, and we’ll see how long it takes for the first one to explode.

  3. Pam Miller Rose

    “Me too!” Nicely said, Ron. xo

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