Is A Vampire Abroad in the Land?

I do not know anything really about vampires. I think I remember that if one bites you, then you become one.

Well, it seems that someone or something bit Lindsay Graham.  Right before our eyes, we saw him transformed from one of the most rational of our Senators, best friend of the late Senator McCain, into a raging, vicious persona that could startle a person awake as in a nightmare. That face dripping with venom was, well it was like the Honorable Mr. Kavanaugh.

We’ve seen this face before; POTUS 45 in a rage.

Hmmm, the Honorable Mr. Kavanaugh is said to have spent several days huddled in the White House in preparation for his hearing. Senator Graham spends lots of time close to the President too, of late. Could they both have been exposed and infected?

Maybe #MeToo has set loose a virulence of WMP [yes, sounds like ‘wimp,’ [White Male Privilege]?

One can hope that the gall spewing from the Judge and the Senator are the death rattles of elite privilege!


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3 responses to “Is A Vampire Abroad in the Land?

  1. Joyce Hinton


  2. Slate has a great many essays on Facebook analyzing the current situation we have in D.C. – and I believe it was even Esquire that had an article on why male rage is considered acceptable! I hope Christine Ford has introduced the vaccine to counter this horrid male rage virus that’s infected our top government officials. Get thee behind me, Satan!

  3. One can always hope, Ron. 🙂

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