Executive Time

Let’s not criticize POTUS 45 for spending 60% of his time in “executive time,” ie, watching TV and tweeting. Think of the problems he could create if he tried to actually govern! TV and Tweets six days a week, and 18 holes four times a week are exactly the best we can hope for. Incompetence in the Oval Office could not be better restrained. Mr. President, you deserve all the executive time you want! We deserve it Too!


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10 responses to “Executive Time

  1. Cindy McIntyre

    Amen! Just think of the added devastation he could wreak if he spent more time on the job.

  2. Joyce

    Excellent thinking outside the oval box, Ron!

  3. Bonnie

    Ahhh…such wisdom! Right on R!

    • Morning Bonnie, whether wisdom or not, it expresses my wholehearted frustration with so uninformed and incompetent an elected official. My best guess is that he mirrors the ability of those who elected him.

  4. Pam Miller Rose

    EXCELLENT points! xo

  5. Rollin


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