Nixon Was A Petty Criminal

Yes, Tricky Dick was personally involved in a break-in to the opposition political party’s office. His Republican contemporaries persuaded him to resign as President of the USA, because his Petty Criminal involvement really amounted to the “high crimes and misdemeanors” bar of impeachment language.

Compared to Trump’s self-interested actions,  Trump’s daily lies, Trump’s continued alignment with Putin, Nixon was someone whose crime was the equivalent of spitting on the sidewalk or urinating in an alley.

Is it really a a violation of national security to have oral sex with an intern? OK, the cigar thing was more than an embarrassment, but no one really thought Clinton had violated the Nation by his sexual addictions and crude behavior.

But Trump?? Who can even begin to imagine that Trump is not guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors? ” Of course, Trump’s base does not think so. That surprises no one. Trump’s base is as base as is humanly possible.


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5 responses to “Nixon Was A Petty Criminal

  1. Tom, Robert, Toritto, really appreciate your encouragement. “likes” from literate bloggers keeps me at it!

  2. Joyce

    It bothers me most, I think, that folks ignore how vile he is – or match it –
    and give him base.

  3. It goes against all logic that this evil, crude orange man has supporters who think he is a victimized saint. Some of these folks are otherwise decent people, and it is difficult to join their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personalities and make them the person I thought I knew. Nonetheless they are guilty of a deep ugliness masquerading as patriotism. I hope they will feel shame over this eventually.

  4. RK Caton

    As usual, you’ve hit the nail on the head! Hope all is well in Ohio!

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