I was awakened this Saturday morning by noises coming from our kitchen, noises like a dishwasher being emptied by a woman disturbed. Somewhat fearful that my sleeping in might be the occasion, I tossed on my white terrycloth robe, the one that makes me look like a polar bear cub, and tip-toed into her view. She was in a rage, even tears swelling in her eyes. Through those tears her endearing greeting assured me that I was not the problem.

She had turned on MSNBC to hear again that the Vindman brothers had been fired by POTUS, our Criminal in Chief and that the Mob Boss had recalled Ambassador Sondland.

For many of us living out here in fly-over country, tear-stained rage is about our only response. Yes, we could contribute to one of the endless solicitations for money to elect a replacement for POTUS or to fund a cause that will bring sanity back to our country, but we’ve already given to our senior-pension-Social-Security limits. Any suggestions for the likes of us?

Trump is a very sophisticated sociopath-politician. He has no capacity for empathy, knows only his own stunted adolescent desires and is an expert at gaining followers from among half of our neighbors who somehow feel themselves threatened by the other half of us. Shades of  Heinrich Himmler and Josef Goebbles!

When I wrote that paragraph on a scrap of paper after breakfast, she said, “Post that, just reading it gives me a way to articulate my rage.”  OK, I’ve published it. Now what? Do we just wait around for a 21st century version of the Reichstag Fire? Can we expect soon to see people who have been adjudged to have opposed POTUS wearing emoji patches on their clothing identifying them as enemies of the State?

The man in the White House is either a deliberate criminal or a very high-functioning, mentally ill individual. Either way, I came into this world under FDR and I sure as hell do not want to go out under DJT!


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12 responses to “Noise!

  1. Thank you for posting this, Ron. My heart has been too heavy to write, but thankfully, I still have a chance to encourage college students to think critically about social justice issues past and present and give them opportunities to develop skills that will help them use what they learn to change things for the better at the local level.

  2. So sorry Jane was affected so. I am wondering if I have lost the capacity for shock when more and more evil fumes out of the top levels of a government that is certainly setting a bad example of ethics and obedience to our Constitutional oath for the rest of us public servants. I guess I’m protecting my own sanity, but part of my lack of shock is that is exactly what a narcissistic tyrant would do. Many of us have experienced being treated the same way for the same reasons – speaking truth to power. To see it enacted on the highest stage in the world is watching history repeat itself, and I can only take a deep breath and put my energies into electing the exact opposite of what we have been subjected to these last 3 years. And I never miss a chance to berate evangelical Christians who ignore Christ’s example while lifting high the antiChrist. So many of them look forward to the rapture they feel they deserve, to spare them from the horrors they helped unleash upon God’s creation. I’ve said this before: The Jewish Bernie is more Christian than any goddamned Republican.

  3. Thanks, Skip, you keep approving and I’ll keep on trying to write.

  4. Skip Mullaney

    There are voices of sanity in Union County! May your post disturb us all.

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  5. Until POTUS is off the scene, ‘not yet’ hangs like a sword of Damocles. Thanks for responding Ann/Rollin.

  6. I have chosen to believe that T’s acquittal (not to be confused with exoneration) is the Republicans unwitting act of adding to his supply of rope!

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  7. A Tarter

    Jane- I share your anger, your sadness and your “what to do!” I have nothing to add, but appreciate Ron’s speaking for me too. Ann

  8. Rollin H. Tarter

    Yes. Post it, as you did, by all means.
    Then , call, write, email, text – hire an airplane sky-writer, start a cooperative to fund billboards, curse, then start all over. And be thankful that we do not elect a President-for-Life – at least, not yet.

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