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Release Prisoners

We in Ohio have a far-sighted, effective Governor. It pains me to acknowledge that a Republican Governor can have those adjectives attributed to him, but he puts the welfare of people ahead of his party winning. Dewine’s decisions to put our State on lock-down, in contrast to other leaders in other States, puts him way out in front as a leader.

Governor Dewine has another good idea; early release of some of Ohio’s prisoners to lessen the threat of prison-wide virus infestation. The suggestion is to release some of those convicted for non-violent crimes. That makes sense, ethically and politically.

A pause though before that action is taken … a pause long enough to sanitize the empty cells and dorm spaces. Then fill those prison spaces with those who are responsible for the spread of Covid-19 resulting in close to 15,000 deaths in the USA. Begin with the Denier in Chief who insisted that warm weather would put an end to this mild chest discomfort. This administration has enough sycophantic Cabinet and staff members hanging around to fill all the beds thus vacated and sanitized. Include as well those who have exploited the supply chain for masks, gowns, and other Personal Protective Equipment for their own personal or corporate gains.

My best guess is that releasing murderers would not turn back into society criminals responsible 15,000 homicides, and it is certainly true if they were elderly prisoners.

Of course this will not occur as we are no longer a Nation of Law.


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