Watch Out, They Are After You!

Even though they are on vacation for their summer break, our Ohio Legislators have left us with threats to our fundamental rights. It is surely better that they not be in Columbus, wasting time and our money with their legislative drivel, but watch out, what they’ve left us with is cause for real concern.

They’ve enacted new laws that drastically limit Ohioans’ access to the ballot box. Check out the threats at Your right to vote is in jeopardy!

And so you and our neighbors can be kept in the dark, the Sate budget cut voter education by 75%. Surely that is no accident or coincidence; they want to keep us in the dark and feed us on their manure as though we are mushrooms.

The voter photo ID has not passed for now. So voter ID requirements have not changed for the November election, but don’t relax your vigilance. Republicans simply do not like having lots of people vote, so they’ll keep working to limit who can by whatever means they can muster.

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