An Unadorned Day

Today is, in the Western Christian tradition, Holy Saturday. It is a day when no liturgies are observed, no vestments worn, no antependia adorn altars or pulpits. It is the Great Silence in which nothing is to be said, nothing can be said, in which there are no words, no noise. No activity is to disturb. There is nothing except dead silence.

For that reason I propose that this day be elevated in ritual status to be known as the most significant day of the year. There is nothing really significant that can be said in the face of the mystery that is our evolved humanity and in the face of the world that has responded under the influence of our having existed as a species. There are no words that can be uttered to frame where we are. There are no actions, other than simply being, that can respond appropriately to our cosmic situation. So this day should stand out from all others to point to saying nothing.

We can speculate about our species, its future. We can hold philosophical opinions about life. We can even develop theology. But this is all prattle before the awesomeness that is the 13 billion years of our planet’s existence. That awe is not precipitated by our being regarded as the pinnacle of life’s evolution. To posit us as ultimate or even penultimate is arrogance at best, more probably just silly.

‘We are,’ ‘this is’ is all we can say with mouth agape in wonder. This is the day to honor that mystery with dead silence.


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6 responses to “An Unadorned Day

  1. Does that mean we can’t talk to our plants, like I did yesterday while I was potting them and freeing them from evil weeds? You are getting really spiritual of late. Keep it up! We definitely need to contemplate a better consciousness.

  2. C. Joseph

    My lips weresealed, as well they should be.


  3. Bob D. good to see you still visit here too. Miss seeing you and Nudge II.

  4. Riley

    13 Billion? Not 6,000? Fake news! Fake news! Oh. Wait. Maybe the claims of the evangelicals are the fake news…. Warm tidings to you and Jane. Hope all is well in you life. :>)

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