The Fault Dear Brutus

When Shakespeare has Cassius say “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”, Cassius wanted to prevent Julius Caesar from becoming the Roman monarch. Monarchy has already been asserted in the USA and the fault is not in our fate but in ourselves.

As if it were not sufficiently ironic that a State-sponsored prayer-breakfast is held in a country founded upon principles of separation of Church and State, the President in that event mocks and defies the very fundamentals of religious tradition. As the pundits on ‘Morning Joe’ opined this morning, when half of our neighbors support this President, the soul of our nation is at risk.

I am afraid, dear Brutus, that the answer is not to attempt a revival of religion across the nation to recover that soul. It is a perversion of religion that has brought us to this moral miasma. The evangelicalism of the 18th century colonies has been perverted from a ‘nature’s God’ equalitarianism to what at the time of the Revolution was a British-loyalist insistence upon oligarchical authoritarianism that predominated from establishment Anglican pulpits. Today’s evangelicalism has lost almost all touch with the teachings of the Jesus whom they pretend to follow. After a bit over two-hundred years Desenters have lost the war.

What needs to be recovered is not a recovery of faith but a renewal of the philosophical bases of American republicanism.


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10 responses to “The Fault Dear Brutus

  1. All y’all who left kudos– really appreciate your reading these musings!

  2. Shades of “We have met the enemy …” and it keeps happenin.

  3. Bob,thanks for positive reply. As I’ve said before, I came in under FDR and I’d sure as hell hate to depart under this scum bag DJT!

  4. Indeed. The cultural movement of white Christian conservatives in fanatical support of Donald Trump is nothing more than a cult, in my opinion. They have put all their eggs into the basket of their chosen messiah, and once he is gone (which will happen eventually) the cult will collapse in a heap. This dynamic has repeated countless times throughout human history. Unfortunately, the damage they can cause before his downfall is tremendous.

  5. Rollin Tarter

    Looks to me like the 18th century perversion has been redoubled, Ron

    Well said, my friend. Grievous as it is.

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